Laboratory TestingAt Naturopathic Health ConneXion, we strive to determine the root cause of your health concerns. Lab testing is often a necessary part of the in-depth evaluation. All the labs we utilize are CAP and CLIA-certified and held to the same standard as labs performing conventional diagnostics. Dr.Wiggin is a highly skilled phlebotomist, and can both draw and process your bloodwork on site.
Conventional Lab Tests: We do order conventional lab tests. They can provide a simplified baseline, but most often do not provide the detailed information required to fully assess and understand any underlying pathology contributing to your dis-ease. We strive to work with your Primary care MD/DO/NP/PA, to bill insurance, or ask our lab to bill your insurance.
Hormone testing: Hormone testing, often done through blood or urine, offers insight for problems occurring due to female hormonal imbalances. Hormones imbalance symptoms may include: hair loss, weight gain, skin changes, fatigue, hot flashes, mood swings, depression, infertility, and decreased libido, and so forth.
Gastrointestinal Panels: There are excellent comprehensive gastrointestinal panels, testing stool and saliva. They are extensive and very useful in determining the cause of various gastrointestinal issues. They measure markers of large and small intestine inflammation, pancreatic function, bleeding, pH, antibodies to common food allergens, and common parasites.
Food Sensitivity Testing: Food sensitivities are a significant issue in our society causing chronic inflammation and various symptoms and diseases. This testing is a simple finger prick blood test and can be utilized totes small children easily! We use US BioTek Laboratory.
Heavy Metal Testing: Our world today is toxic! Everyone has had exposure to heavy metals, from mercury “silver” fillings in their teeth, to the leaded gas and paint that was standard until 1977. Exposures vary, and some people have less ability to eliminate metals at the time of exposure, which increases metals stored in their tissues, called “Total Body Burden”. Research has shown a number of health issues are associated with heavy metal exposure. This urine test can be an important part of your evaluation and treatment if indicated. Dr. Wiggin is an ACAM certified Chelation physician, utilizing standard CaEDTA and DMPS therapy.
Adrenal Hormone Testing: Utilized often when a person is experiencing fatigue, sleep imbalance, inflammation, difficulty losing weight, and endocrine disturbances.
Lyme Disease Testing: We work with Igenex and DNA Connexions PCR testing labs, as well as other methods to assist in the diagnosis and management of Lyme.

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